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Prostate – play it safe!

Every year in September, the European Prostate Day takes place. The number of new cases is estimated to be around 5,000 people annually. A preventive examination is therefore recommended from the age of 45. Learn more about this important organ here. ANDROPEAK® can stabilize your

Testosterone for everyone

Lack of drive, decreased potency, declining libido and growing belly fat affect men with increasing age. One of the culprits is the lack of testosterone, the production of which steadily declines from the mid-40s. "From about the age of 25, the testosterone level in men

The right diet for the sports

Sport has a positive effect on health and body weight, creates a change from everyday life, can reduce stress and increases self-confidence. At the same time, healthy nutrition is an important basis for being successful in sports. For this, the body should be sufficiently supplied

Can Corona vaccines be combined?

The permanent vaccination commission in Germany (STIKO) has adjusted its recommendations and now recommends using an mRNA vaccine for the second vaccination instead of a second vaccination with Astra Zeneca. Even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the so-called cross-vaccination, in which 2 different vaccines

The “Green Passport”

  The “Green Passport” is intended to provide digital proof of compliance with the “3-G Rule” (vaccinated, tested, recovered). It has been in force throughout the EU since July 1, and all certificates are now listed and available for retrieval. But how do you actually

Lower blood sugar – prevent diabetes

In the past, diabetes mellitus, also known as type 2 diabetes, was considered "adult-onset diabetes" because it usually only appeared at an advanced age, but due to obesity and lack of exercise, more and more younger people are also affected. In Europe, 10 percent of

Testosterone – the “man hormone”?

How does testosterone work? When most people hear the word testosterone, they think of "typical" male attributes. Potency, strength, stamina, beard growth and in fact these characteristics, as well as sperm production are significantly influenced by testosterone. But women also need testosterone. Similar to men,

SeiAktiv and the Athletics Association!

Faster – Stronger – Further – Higher! Athletics Association trusts in new health partner SeiAktiv GmbH Dietary supplement expertise around fenugreek and red alga astaxanthin for top athletes Klosterneuburg (OTS) – Faster – Stronger – Further – Higher! Austrian Athletics Association trusts in its new

Andropeak® – clinical studies

Dietary supplements and testosterone deficiency: When advertising dietary supplements, there is often talk of studies, but how meaningful are these studies actually? First and foremost, one should pay attention to whether the study examined the actual product or only a “similar” product or one with

Astaxanthin – the red diamond among antioxidants

Free radicals and antioxidants   Most of the things we do in our daily lives cause oxidation in our bodies. Breathing, digestion and even the normal functioning of our immune system, cause an increase in free radicals (reactive oxygen species). When we run down, large