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Astaxanthin: micro-algae – mega effect


Christian P.
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Astaxanthin is extracted from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. This microalgae thrives in any freshwater. If the alga’s living conditions change drastically, it activates its self-protection and forms astaxanthin.

The flamingo eats just these small algae to strengthen its defenses. And thus gives his plumage the pink color. Astaxanthin ist das stärkste natürlich vorkommende Antioxidans und hat im Vergleich zu anderen bekannten Antioxidantien und Radikalfängern einen extrem hohen Wirkungsgrad. It accumulates in the alga and serves as a defense mechanism. Numerous studies prove the positive effects of astaxanthin in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, increased blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, as well as in the prevention of UV damage to the skin. Natural astaxanthin has a highly effective effect with maximum bioavailability due to its stereochemistry.

Astaxanthin is therefore the perfect support for your defenses!

And that makes astaxanthin the ideal partner for Andropeak®, our high-quality dietary supplement with extracts from fenugreek seeds, which also has maximum bioavailability due to its intense concentration.

The Austrian company BDI-BioLife Science developed a closed algae cultivation system at its site in the Hartberg Ecopark, which guarantees the constant and economical production of high-quality algae nutrients under optimal growth conditions.