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What does the aerosol do?


Christian P.
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For a long time, scientists thought that droplets and contact infections were mainly responsible for the transmission of viruses.

But recent findings from the Technical University in Berlin confirm that aerosols play an essential role in transmission. The particles are less than five micrometers in size, or five thousandths of a millimeter, and are a fine mixture of solid and liquid particles. Especially indoors, the smaller particles float in the air for a long time and disperse rapidly before sinking to the ground. Thesinking rate is also dependent on temperature and humidity, among other factors.

Hence our tips:

  1. Move activities outdoors if possible: Outdoors, exhaled particles are quickly diluted
  2. Get the air in the room moving: by opening the window and door, when there is no wind with fan, momentum comes into the air and reduces the aerosol content
  3. Despite many criticisms, masks are a good help because the highly concentrated air stream does not flow directly to the front towards the vis-a-vis.
  4. Last but not least: Keep your distance and avoid crowds as much as possible