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5 tips for testosterone balance


Christian P.
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Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in men, yet it performs important tasks in the body for both sexes. Testosterone stimulates muscle development in a gender-unspecific manner, influences bone density and can even have an effect on the psyche. Therefore, many people wonder if there are ways to increase testosterone levels naturally and what to avoid. Here are our 5 tips:

1. physical training
The keyword here is interval training. Studies have shown that short weight training sessions or a 20 to 40 minute interval running workout stimulate the metabolism very well. After intensive training, an increase in testosterone levels of up to 40 percent could be measured in the blood.

Important: Don’t overdo it with the workouts. Increase slowly and get a medical checkup beforehand.

In addition, long endurance sessions have an opposite effect and lead to a decrease in testosterone production.

2. reduce calories
A reduction in daily calorie intake can have several positive effects at once. Those who stop eating carbohydrates at 6 p.m. not only significantly increase their testosterone levels in the morning, but the reduced calorie intake also leads to an increased release of growth hormones, which ensure the regeneration of body cells and stimulate muscle growth.

3. reduce belly fat
Fewer calories often means less abdominal girth, here we want to get rid of mainly the so-called bad abdominal fat, visceral adipose tissue. This visceral abdominal fat converts testosterone into the female hormone estradiol, so more of it means less testosterone.

However, not all fat is equally bad, especially unsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in nuts, salmon or avocados have a positive influence on the testosterone balance.

4. avoid stress
Too much of it causes the release of the stress hormone cortisol. This is a natural antagonist of testosterone and at the same time bad for the immune defense. Reducing stress usually leads to an increase in testosterone levels in a short period of time.

5. avoid BPA
These so-called plasticizers are found primarily in plastic products and they, too, can lower testosterone levels. The best known of these, bisphenol A (BPA), originally developed as an artificial estrogen, has now been recognized by the EU as a substance of very high concern. Unfortunately, it is still present in many products such as coatings on food cans, varnish, paints and adhesives.