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Men’s Health!

Christian P.
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The “stronger sex”


In popular parlance, men are considered the “strong sex” and per se efficient and healthy. Consequently, men’s health has never played a central role in medicine.

However, the topics of health and self-optimization are becoming more and more central in today’s world. Unfortunately, compared to women, men show significantly less interest in health issues, they usually go to the doctor later and pay less attention to their diet, which is why they are also more often overweight than women. Men’s health requires greater attention because not only do they still have a shorter life expectancy than women, but a healthy lifestyle is also essential for a better quality of life in old age.



Surprise! Exercise helps!


The good news is, middle-aged and older people in particular benefit from appropriate exercise. Regular physical activity makes an essential contribution to promoting your health and performance. Whether you already exercise, used to exercise, or are just getting started. You will benefit healthwise. However, you should not overdo it! Surveys also show a strong focus on success among men in sports. Men not only have a high demand to solve problems themselves, but also want to control their performance. In addition to sports injuries and irritations of the musculoskeletal system, over-intensive sports can also lead to potentially dangerous overloads of the cardiovascular system, in rare cases even to “sudden cardiac death”.


The physical changes of aging can be reduced through regular exercise. It’s never too late to start! Did you know that regular participation in exercise programs is an effective way to reduce the age-related decline in performance of certain motor functions, even in octogenarians or ninety-year-olds? So it’s never too late to get started. Or as the famous immunologist Professor Uhlenbruck said: “Gymnastics to the urn!“.

In addition to improving bodily functions, physical activity also improves quality of life. Well-being, mood, appetite and sleep are positively influenced, testosterone levels are increased. This also has consequences on a psychological level: Your self-confidence is strengthened. Self-perception is also improved. You feel more efficient, active, fresh and confident in your actions. There is also growing evidence that physical activity can maintain mental function and prevent depression and dementia, which are among the most common mental illnesses in old age.


Jogging – to gently jump start health


Those who jog regularly lower their resting pulse rate in the medium and long term. This results in a lower level of arousal and an increase in stress resistance – optimal for people who experience a lot of stress in everyday life. You will notice: Running makes you happy and fit! The body is sufficiently challenged even at low speed to vigorously boost the metabolism. Stress hormones are reduced and all organs are optimally supplied with oxygen. Not everyone has to run a marathon, because any form of physically active lifestyle has a positive effect on health. The important thing is to find the right balance for yourself.



Testosterone – not the “male hormone” for nothing


For the preservation of masculinity and well-being, one should pay attention to the personal testosterone level, especially in advanced age. The continuous decrease of the testosterone level in connection with the aging process of men is nowadays beyond question and testosterone deficiency is the most frequent disorder of the hormone balance in men. Testosterone acts practically in all organs of the body and affects not only the libido and potency of men. It also stimulates muscle development, bone density and influences fat and sugar metabolism. It even affects the psyche and a deficiency can lead to low mood and even depression.

From the age of 25, testosterone falls by about 1% per year. The consequences are declining potency, libido, lack of energy and fatigue, sleep disturbances and dwindling muscle and manhood. With high interindividual dispersion, the average decrease in blood levels of testosterone causes testosterone deficiency to occur in about 20 to 30% of men after the age of 50.


Specially prepared seeds from fenugreek can naturally increase testosterone levels. High-dose extracts of fenugreek seed can even double the amount of bioavailable testosterone. this can give a 60-year-old the testosterone level of a 40-year-old.

The increased testosterone production of the body has been proven in scientific studies. The phytohormones contained in fenugreek, especially the saponins, play an essential role here. Saponins must be thermally treated with high temperatures, otherwise they cannot be used by the body. Through this process of activation, the seed can develop its optimal effect.

Andropeak® offers a particularly high concentration of the all-important fenugreek seed. With these high-dose extracts of fenugreek seeds in combination with iron, selenium, zinc and vitamin B6, it makes a significant contribution to increasing testosterone and thus improving muscle strength and also manhood.