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How much food do humans need?


Christian P.
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As we know, high-calorie diets produce numerous diseases and cause premature aging. Recent evidence shows that needs vary widely from person to person and from situation to situation. Not all calories are the same. The effect of food is completely different on the body.

So what does it come down to?

Essential to this is the timing of when we eat and when we take breaks. Prolonged periods of abstinence from food purify the cells; this process is called autophagy (cell purification). The alternation of food intake and food abstinence in a certain rhythm is called interval or short-term fasting. Autophagy (cell cleansing) starts at about 12 hours and runs at full capacity after 16 hours.This is also how we escape the well-known yo-yo effect. This occurs when you fast for more than 3 days. The metabolism switches to economy mode and manages with less energy. If we eat in normal mode again afterwards, the metabolism remains slow because the basal metabolic rate is lower than before the flash diet.

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