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The “Green Passport”

Christian P.
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The “Green Passport” is intended to provide digital proof of compliance with the “3-G Rule” (vaccinated, tested, recovered). It has been in force throughout the EU since July 1, and all certificates are now listed and available for retrieval. But how do you actually get the “green passport”?

To access the “Green Passport”, first go to the website. Right on the start page there is an entry for the “Green Passport”, here you will find further information as well as the login page. Now log in with your mobile signature or citizen card. An app for smartphones has also been available since the beginning of July. As a rule, the electronic cell phone signature can be applied for in person, with official photo identification, at the competent authority. Usually this is the district authority or municipality. Online it is also possible, but a bit more complicated, plus you have to allow a few days for activation. Visit for step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a cell phone signature.

The mobile signature app, which you can also download free of charge, either issues a QR code for the security check or, as with online banking, you have a TAN code sent to you, which you then enter on

After verifying the identity, one is automatically redirected to the list of available certificates. By clicking on it, you can save the respective certificate locally on your cell phone or print it out, so you don’t need a mobile Internet connection with your smartphone to access the certificate afterwards. The requirement for the vaccination certificate is that your first vaccination was at least 22 days ago.

Of course, it is still possible to carry your proof in paper form only. If you have lost your vaccination card or vaccination certificate, you can have it printed out at your family doctor’s or pharmacy by showing your e-card.