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Testosterone for everyone

Lack of drive, decreased potency, declining libido and growing belly fat affect men with increasing age. One of the culprits is the lack of testosterone, the production of which steadily declines from the mid-40s. “From about the age of 25, the testosterone level in men decreases by about 1% per year,” says Dr. Wolfgang Bühmann, press spokesman for the Professional Association of German Urologists.

Declining testosterone is part of getting older
The decline in testosterone is due to its age-related depletion in the testes and in the brain regions that control hormone balance. The fact that potency, libido and strength decline after a certain age is therefore a completely natural process. From the mid-50s at the latest, men clearly feel this physically and psychologically. This is because testosterone is essential for male potency, muscle development, bone density and the formation of red blood cells. But the hormone is also important for metabolism in fatty tissue, libido and reproductive ability.

Testosterone causes lust
However, the drop in testosterone in the blood alone does not make a man sick. However, if listlessness and sexual aversion become so severe that they interfere with everyday life, it makes sense to have the hormone’s level checked by a urologist. If this is too low, testosterone therapy may be prescribed.

For young and old
Testosterone can also improve love life. Because: “Testosterone causes lust,” says Bühmann. It could help with libido problems. In contrast, the hormone does not work for erection problems.

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