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SeiAktiv and the Athletics Association!

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Faster – Stronger – Further – Higher! Athletics Association trusts in new health partner SeiAktiv GmbH

Dietary supplement expertise around fenugreek and red alga astaxanthin for top athletes

Klosterneuburg (OTS)Faster – Stronger – Further – Higher! Austrian Athletics Association trusts in its new health partner SeiAktiv GmbH and its nutritional supplementsCompetence.

Together with trainers and athletes, the aim is to develop successful formulations with fenugreek and astaxanthin for the European market. The promising collaboration began in May 2021 and will be expanded on an ongoing basis.

Since May 2021, SeiAktiv GmbH has been the official health partner of the Austrian Athletics Association. The Austrian Athletics Association is an internationally recognized federation that promotes athletics in all forms of elite, competitive and competitive sports. Its members receive the best possible support for the organization of their sports activities. The association’s figureheads include Olympic bronze medal winner Lukas Weisshaidinger, Ivona Dadic and Verena Mayr.

With over 30,000 members in around 430 clubs, the Austrian Athletics Association is one of the largest professional associations in Austria and a strong ambassador for Austrian summer sports.

The Austrian Athletics Association coaching team is always looking for innovative solutions. Great attention is paid to the diverse possibilities of nature and biological plants. International studies on fenugreek and astaxantin confirm the regeneration of hormonal balance and an improvement in muscle building. Many athletes react extremely positively to the products of Andropeak and Go2Peak.

With SeiAktiv GmbH, the Gutmann family of entrepreneurs is dedicated to the research and marketing of high-quality, organic food supplements. Particular attention in the product portfolio is paid to fenugreek and the freshwater alga astaxanthin. Countless international studies prove the extraordinary effects of these two natural products. With the brands Andropeak and Go2Peak, the company aims to establish a strong presence in the DACH region and the EU. The product is sold through pharmacies, drugstores, the company’s own online store and distribution partners worldwide.

Stefan Gutmann/ Founder SeiAktiv GmbH “We are proud of the new cooperation. The Austrian Athletics Association is a highly professional association with a fantastic infrastructure, a high willingness to innovate and clear goals. The great athletes of the Austrian Athletics Associatio, such as Olympic medalist Lukas Weisshaidinger, are the toughest testers of our products. Nature offers fantastic active ingredients that we want to make available to athletes.”

DI Gregor Högler/ Sports Director Austrian Athletics Association:In athletics, success often depends on the smallest details. We know that food alone cannot provide the body with sufficient micronutrients, so supplements are essential for top athletes. For us, the products have to be safe first and foremost, i.e. they have to be on the so-called “Cologne List”, which is the case with SeiAktiv and Go2Peak! Our athletes have high hopes for fenugreek. Better vitality, more energy, faster regeneration, better concentration – fenugreek supports our hard work. Therefore, we are pleased that SeiAktiv GmbH generously supports our athletes with their products and takes our special needs into consideration for the future and includes us in further product developments.”

Roman Steiner/ Managing Director SeiAktiv GmbH: “For me, it was already clear after the first five minutes of getting to know Gregor Högler: this is our partner! This passion, this determination and the clear focus on performance are exactly the DNA that we live ourselves and that we look for in our partners. Furthermore, I see in the Austrian Athletics Association a great basis for the athletes of the future, who need more than ever professional support to be able to achieve best performances.”


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