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I have been using Andropeak for 6 months and I am positively surprised, despite initial skepticism. The product does what it is supposed to, the fenugreek seed clearly contributes to an increased libido and stamina for me. Have used one or the other competitor product before, but with no noticeable effect, I now stick with Andropeak, my wife thanks me 🙂

100% recommendation

Anonymous, 10/10/2021

Ordered Anropeak for my husband – because he is so lazy.
And it really is more active – for our grandchildren and for me.

Gabi H. 8/8/2021

It took a little longer, but the andropeak really works. I already feel fitter. Will continue taking it

Peter M. 9/1/2021

New year, new luck. I want to get fit again and lose weight. Thanks to Andropeak, I already managed to do a lot for my body last year and I am convinced that it will work now as well. Thank you for this high quality product that really stands out next to all the junk on the internet.

Gilbert, Retired, 73, Fugging, 2/2/2021

Would like to thank you very much for the great professional administrative support from the Andropeak team.

Wolfgang B, a satisfied customer, 10/8/2020

I’m really active and I thought nothing could happen to me. Somehow I got Corona at the end of summer and was weakened in all aspects of life. I have been taking Andorpeak for a very long time. But I don’t think I would have become active again so quickly without this remedy.

Roland, Carpenter, 47, Vienna, 9/3/2020

When I placed my last order, the clerk actively went to bat for me to get my order processed without a hitch! A big thank you for that.

Frank, 6/5/2020, without details

I read the testimonials regularly, apparently the Andropeak team does too. It really is a successful summer campaign with the precautionary package. Because with it I can easily get through the summer and stay fit and hopefully healthy.

Sepp, still active retiree, 65, Vienna, 5/20/2020

When will there be another special promotion from Andropeak??? I am really convinced of the product and would like to buy it in larger quantities if there is an attractive offer. Think about something.

Sepp, active retiree, 65, Vienna, 5/9/2020

A big thank you to the editors of Andropeak. You have been informing via your newsletter with factual issues over the last few weeks, without scaremongering like many others.

Rebecca, mother, 54, St. Johann, 5/7/2020

Good that you also point out that Andropeak also contains zinc. Because with it, it is not only good for virility, but also for the immune system. I will certainly continue to use it, because in our region of Tyrol the Corona effects were really dramatic. You still have to be careful there.

Sebastian, 73, from Zillertal, 4/23/2020

I have been taking Andropeak regularly for quite some time and have noticed that I have become more stable overall health-wise, much less likely to get cold.

Anonymous, 9/12/2019

I was on vacation in Lignano with my wife for 3 weeks. We went there for a camping vacation, perfect. I want to thank you because of the andropeak, because the summer was really like before. Maybe there will be a new special offer soon?

Rudolf, Klagenfurt, 74, 8/28/2018

Active Plus formula – really strong. The Andropeak is now complete for me. I have also tried similar products, but this is the best for me. I am really fit and enjoying life anew. My wife likes it too.

Christian, Teacher, 56, Vienna, 7/2/2018

I think Andropeak is such a great product, it really needs to be said. I have been taking it regularly for almost 3 years and feel really good with it. It’s not cheap, but for that you get really excellent quality.

Joachim, Retiree 81, Langenlois, 6/11/2018

After my prostate surgery, my doctor recommended Andropeak as a supplement to medical therapy. I am very satisfied. Besides, in times like these, it’s good to get such high-quality products from Austria.

Markus, amateur athlete, 67, Ried, 3/20/2020

Andropeak – the fenugreek seed thing, it’s no joke!

Quote Harry Prünster from 8/22/2019

I overcame a serious illness a few months ago and after that I just wanted to eat healthy. In the process, I noticed a report in the pharmacist’s magazine APOVITAL about Andropeak. At first I bought a pack from the pharmacy, but now I buy the 3-month pack from the online store. I am really very positively surprised by the effect.

Ludwig, Painter (ret.) 78, Weissenbach 4.3.2019

I am a happy grandpa and have 2 active grandchildren. This year we went skiing together again for the first time in 2 years and I felt great. Probably also thanks to Andropeak, which I have been taking regularly for over 2 years and no longer want to miss. I will certainly recommend it to others.

Anton, Pensionst, 69, Scheibbs, 2/28/2019

My wife saw Mr. Bankhofer on TV and told me about Andropeak. I have taken other natural remedies before and was not really successful. Andropeak really stabilized me, though. Too bad you can’t buy it as a subscription.

Peter, Technician 57, Übelbach 2/16/ 2019

Hello Andropeak team, buy the product regularly, am super satisfied. A little more information about this on the Internet would be good. Will recommend to others.

Ladislaus, construction worker 72, Maierhofen 1/26/ 2019

I think Andropeak is such a great product, it really needs to be said. I have been taking it regularly for almost 3 years and feel really good with it. It’s not cheap, but for that you get really excellent quality.

Joachim, Retiree 81, Langenlois, 10/11/2018

Am 70 years old and have been taking Andropeak for 2 months. Am very surprised that this was such a wonderful effect. Can only advise everyone to buy this product.

Werner B., 9/4/2018

Dear Andropeak team, I would like to thank you for the personal customer service, you are as professional as the product. I have been taking it for a year and am very satisfied

Franz, Großklein, 83 Jahre, 8/14/2018

I am a true nature lover and eat absolutely organic. Therefore, I was honestly skeptical at the beginning, as my wife brought me the Andropeak from the pharmacy. But the effect has convinced me. I then read up on fenugreek and now all doubts are really gone. I will now also order the Andropeak from the Andropeak onlineshop.

Gottlieb, Railroader, 63, Schruns, 6/23/2018

Quality has its price, you can really say that about Andropeak. There are already products that are much cheaper at first glance. But also much worse in quality and effect. I really tried a few and then gladly switched back to Andropeak. If you are looking out for yourself, you should really trust Austrian quality here.

Hermann, 63, Vienna, 5/16/2018

My wife has a beauty salon and takes great care of herself. She has long admired Prof. Bankhofer because he is still so fit. And that’s when she bought me the Andropeak once. That was over 2 years ago now. I still order it because it really is a fountain of youth for me. Greetings to Hademar!

Jakob, 71, St. Jakob i.W., 5/5/2018

I am a man of mature age and yet still well built, as they say (or write). One of the ways I keep myself going is that I enjoy working with young people. Also in sports. And has really helped me a lot Andropeak, because I actively draw strength from it. I will be happy to recommend it to others.

Alexander, technical employee 59, Steyr, 4/27/2018

Are you actually in direct contact with Prof. Bankhofer? I’ve known him for a long time from the media and I’m really impressed by how he has always consistently gone his way. This also applies to the topic of natural medicine. Through him I have gained confidence in Andropeak and in the meantime – thanks to my granddaughter – I can order it myself on the Internet.

Xaver M., Baker, 4/22/2018

I work a lot with plant products and Chinese medicine. Classical medicine is necessary, but must not forget plant power. Fenugreek seed is a very powerful plant with very good effect. I also use Andropeak and I am very satisfied and I recommend it to my customers.

Xin P., 35, alternative practitioner, 4/10/2018

I am already of mature age, so the advertisement with Professor Bankhofer appealed to me. I’ve been following his TV appearances since the 70’s and he was always a serious guy. Therefore, I followed his recommendation and at the end of March it was exactly one year that I have been taking Andropeak. Really a great product that is worth the price. Thank you.

Martin U., 76, pensioner and former hairdresser, Rottenmann, 31.3.2018

Hey great that you are bringing testimonials again. It’s just a pity that no one ever writes honestly what they expect from Andropeak. For me, the new formula of fenugreek seeds and vitamins has really shown great effect. I feel really fit – in almost all situations in life.

Ludwig M., sporty oldie, 73, Innsbruck, 3/12/2018

I have been taking Andropeak for over 2 years and it has really made a lasting difference in my life. I feel fit and active, even in love life (despite my advanced age). I am convinced that this Active Plus formula has improved the product once again, and will certainly remain loyal to you.

Hans O., 82, hobby musician, Oberwart, 3/18/2018

Stehen Sie eigentlich in direktem Kontakt mit Prof. Bankhofer? I’ve known him for a long time from the media and I’m really impressed by how he has always consistently gone his way. This also applies to the topic of natural medicine. Through him I have gained confidence in Andropeak and in the meantime – thanks to my granddaughter – I can order it myself on the Internet.

Hubert X., 78, civil servant (retired), 3/7/2018

Thank you for your weekly newsletters. You always have exciting topics that you inform about. I think the actions that Imme can take again are especially great. I hope you have the offer for a long time, because I want to stay fit even in retirement

Peter G., 65, accountant, 2/23/2018

I have always perceived this column by Prof. Bankhofer in the Krone with a smile. For a good 2 months I then got an area extension and now travel weekly across Austria. Really stressful – then I remembered Andropeak. Because I didn’t want any stimulants, I simply wanted a natural supplement that would help me support my physical well-being. Andropeak can do this perfectly – thank you!

Matthias Z., representative, 47, Vienna, 2/2/2018

It’s really great that besides all the crap on the internet, there are still real Austrian quality products. Andropeak is definitely one of them. High quality ingredients, a natural product that gently but sustainably strengthens the entire organism. Men, grab it!

Ulrich M., 56, teacher, Hermagor, 1/5/2018

Skiing has always been my passion. At some point, I lost my courage because I thought I was already too old. I became aware of Andropeak through Prof. Bankhofer, that it leads the man out of the crisis. For me it was like this. I started taking it regularly in October 2017 and have already experienced many great ski days.

Franz J., 79, farmer, St. Anton, 1/28/2018

I’m not doing so well financially at the moment. But still, I didn’t want to buy cheap chemical products. I then went to the pharmacy to inquire about alternatives to keep testosterone levels up. They recommended Andropeak to me. Then I googled and found the homepage of you. Now I’ve been ordering 2+1 for free for almost 1 year. Great offer that is also affordable.

Anton Z., 64, conductor, Graz, 12/23/2017

“My husband was always active and agile. Then he became unemployed at 58 and completely let himself go. Good words didn’t help anymore. An acquaintance then told us about Andropeak. I was very skeptical and informed myself thoroughly. Now my husband has been taking the tablets for about 6 weeks and his self-esteem has grown again. I think that this is strongly related to the stable testosterone level. In any case, we will continue to take it.”

Susanne M., 48, bank clerk, Bolzano , 12/15/2017

“A big praise to the competent team of Andropeak. Unfortunately, the online ordering did not always work so smoothly. But the nice staff was able to help me perfectly by phone. I am now taking Andropeak for the 2nd month and notice a significant improvement in my overall condition.”

Paul H., 73, retiree, Litschau, 12/5/2017

What’s the deal with astaxanthin? I already ordered once with the soft gum, tasted good anyway. Now I have ordered the combo offer with these immune capsules. Hope they are as good as Andropeak.

Max, Potter, 59, Kematen, 12/17/2020

“After an accident, I doubted myself for quite a long time and had a hard time getting back into life. After all, people don’t like to talk about potency problems. A dear friend of mine did some research on the Internet and came across Andropeak. I have been taking it for almost 4 months now and I have found joy in life again. Thank you!”

Hermann O., roofer, 67, Bregenz, 11/29/2017

Really funny that you offer Labisan. I know that from really earlier, one has then had completely white lips. I think the Rose is a bit more subtle for the man. Anyway, a great idea.

Dieter, alpinist, 54, Braz, 5/22/2020