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Andropeak® – tested quality

Clinical studies on Andropeak®

ANDROPEAK® complies with the legal requirements of the Food Labeling Ordinance, the Ordinance on Nutritional Labeling of Foodstuffs, the Food Supplements Ordinance and the Prepackaging Ordinance, as well as the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act and the food labeling regulations in the Republic of Austria. In the new capsule format, ANDROPEAK® is free of titanium dioxide.

Klinische Studien zu Andropeak®

Increase in bioavailable testosterone
Better physique – less fat, same muscle mass
Testosterone Deficiency & Bioavailability

Andropeak® has been tested in several studies, not only for safety, but its positive effect on testosterone levels. In the following text, we would like to present 3 of these studies in more detail.

In March 2009, INDUS Biotech, a biotechnology company with 72 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, conducted 2 clinical studies and one preclinical study. The first two clinical studies served to determine the bioavailable testosterone levels on the one hand and the influence of Andropeak® on the physique on the other. Both studies were double-blind, randomized trials with a placebo control group. The 3rd study tested the health safety.

1. increase in bioavailable testosterone.

In the first study, 16 healthy volunteers were administered a daily dose of Andropeak®. Total testosterone levels, as well as free and bioavailable testosterone levels, were measured immediately before ingestion, after ingestion, and 3, 7, and 12 hours later.

  1. After 12 hours, the level of total testosterone increased by 31% compared to a 12% increase with the placebo.
  2. By direct measurement method, the amount of free testosterone in the body increased by 20.3%, instead of 1% with the placebo, which means that the effect of Andropeak® is 20 times greater than with a placebo.
  3. In the indirect measurement method, which has a higher accuracy, the increase in free testosterone was 43%.
  4. The amount of bioavailable testosterone is obtained by adding the free testosterone + the testosterone that is weakly bound to albumin (a protein). Bioavailable testosterone increased by 37.5% with Andropeak®, compared to 15.1% with placebo.
  5. Bioavailable testosterone, as the name suggests, is available to the body for physiological functions.

2. better physique – less fat, same muscle mass.

The 2nd study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, prospective study. The study had 60 participants and spanned a period of 8 weeks. Participants had one hour of training a day for 5 days a week and received a daily dose of Andropeak®. The factors to be evaluated were intake of nitrogen and variance in body composition and muscle mass; improved intake of nitrogen promotes muscle formation. The study concluded the following:

  1. Andropeak® increases lean muscle mass without an increase in weight. There was a 13 percent decrease in skinfold thickness (fat percentage), with no change in weight. Decrease in skinfold thickness of the triceps (14.5%) and thighs (12.6%) without an increase in body weight. This confirms a more advantageous physique.
  2. Treatment with Andropeak® resulted in a positive nitrogen balance. Increased skeletal muscle nitrogen uptake was seen, an indicator of the anabolic activity of Andropeak (Important: Anabolic refers to the build-up of endogenous substances and has nothing to do with doping!).


The 3rd study addressed the safety and health safety of Andropeak®. No adverse health effects were found. Andropeak® was assessed as safe in all parameters studied.

3. testosterone deficiency and bioavailability

Even though people are said to have a testosterone or androgen deficiency, the assumption that the total amount of testosterone in the body would decrease significantly is incorrect. The amount of testosterone in the body usually remains relatively the same. With increasing age, however, more and more is bound to the body’s own protein and is therefore no longer bioavailable. Andropeak® can dissolve out some of this testosterone, significantly increasing the amount effectively available to the body.

Essential for the determination of the testosterone level (by means of blood sampling): One must decidedly demand the measurement of the total testosterone and the free testosterone, since otherwise only the total value is measured, which, however, has little significance for the reasons mentioned above.

ANDROPEAK® was assessed in January 2020 by Dr. Andreas Reinhart(REINHART Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, based in D-80333 Munich, Germany) and certified as marketable in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. ANDROPEAK® is suitable for vegetarians and vegans thanks to its vegetable capsule shell with the coloring spirulina apple concentrate.

The ingredients of the product do not contain any allergens subject to labeling in accordance with Regulation EU No. 1169/2011, which may cause an allergic or intolerance reaction. For more product information, please read the Instructions for Use.