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More power and endurance

Whether competitive athletes or people who simply want to stay fit, muscle recovery is crucial for satisfactory training success.

The duration of the regeneration phase determines how long the body needs after exertion to be able to perform at full capacity again. The regeneration, after the training is as important a factor for success as the training itself. Sufficient recovery not only prevents muscle soreness, a significant part of muscle building takes place precisely in these phases. The muscles adapt to the training and grow.

During physical activities, the muscles are strained, damage can occur in their microstructure. The mechanical stress, but especially oxidative stressand inflammation lead to muscle pain, muscle soreness and temporary reduction of muscle strength. Sufficiently long regeneration phases are necessary to prevent damage, furthermore it is important to supply the body again with the substances consumed during the effort.

But be careful, you should not immediately fall on the sofa after the workout. To promote blood circulation, it is better to run or cycle out for a short time. This allows the nutrients necessary for regeneration to be distributed more quickly in the body.


The required regeneration time varies from individual to individual and usually increases with age. However, after an intense workout, a recovery period of 48 hours is recommended. Typical factors that can negatively impact recovery time include:

  • old age
  • missing nutrients
  • little sleep
  • Disease
  • Stress



Crucial for shortening the recovery time and recovery of the musclesis the replenishment of the glycogen stores; these virtually provide the fuel for the muscle cells. If these are filled more quickly, the required recovery is also reduced and can increase the overall training success.

ANDROPEAK® has been shown to lead to improved glycogen resynthesis. In a 2005 clinical study of trained cyclists, taking a fenugreek seed extract supplement resulted in 63% faster glycogen resynthesis in muscle fibers.

At the same time, ANDROPEAK® also increases the amount of bioavailable testosterone. Testosterone is for the most part tightly bound to physical protein and thus inactive. An equally significant proportion is loosely bound to protein. The free and bioavailable portion is only 1.-3% depending on lifestyle and age. ANDROPEAK® can increase the available amount by loosening the loosely bound testosterone.

This double effect can increase the duration of training, enhance the effect and shorten the recovery period.






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